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Anime Vice: Top 3 Awful Anime Dubs

Anime Vice: ''Grit your teeth and get your ear plugs ready cause this week we're taking on the three most amazingly bad dubs of all time!''

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Hergula1880d ago

Honestly, I know Ill get jumped for this, but "Dragon Ball Z" has both bad English dub and Japanese voices... Like Goku sounds ridiculous, sorry.

Simon_Brezhnev1880d ago

I like the Goku voice in english more than Japan. The Japanese voice he sounds too much like a girl.

Hergula1880d ago

Same here, I meant that the Japanese voice for Goku sounds Ridiculous, not the english one.

It just seems too squeaky and not powerful at all, yet I have not gotten used to it.

Deadpool6161880d ago

I'm actually a big fan of the Ocean Group voice acting for the first 53 episodes of Dragon Ball Z. They were some of the top voice actors in anime at the time. They did a fantastic job with Mobile Suit Gundam and Gundam Wing.

When they came back in 2000 the production was badly done for the Android/Cell/Buu sagas. The voice acting was still good for the cast that stayed and reprised their role, but much of the talent left to do other priorities. Instead of making original music, or using of the Japanese music, they just used stock Mega Man music. I hope the get a shot at dubbing Kai correctly this time.

ExCest1880d ago

I hated the Elfen Lied dub. That was acid to my ears.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1880d ago

I have no problems with DBZ eng dub.

aDDicteD1872d ago

Good thing that DBZ was not included on that 3 list. DBZ should not been an honorable mentioned cause there are a lot of anime dub that is more awful like flame of recca.