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Americans’ Aversion To Anime Just Fear Of Difference

Kate Haddock: ''Americans seem to take a lot of pride in being inclusive of other countries’ cultures. I hear people every day who praise how interesting the traditions of a country’s people are or how much they enjoy foreign food. Yet, with all this pride in our multicultural nature, I find it curious that entertainment — like anime — has not broken through the foreign barrier.''

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Hergula1877d ago

To say that Americans are open-minded is a flat out lie, no disrespect. But most countries are very closed-minded, they cant accept things because their local culturue does not deem it fit or "normal".

Thats the whole reason I wish I could live in Japan, where you dont get scrutinized for liking Anime and playing games. Every other place, it is like a sin... disturbing isnt it.

Tony-Red-Grave1876d ago

you think it's different in japan? otakus are over there what gamers are here it's no different ANYWHERE

Hergula1876d ago

That might be true, yet I was directing my comment towards the article above.

And no , you dont get scrutinized for liking anime in Japan, u should go there...

ExCest1876d ago

Well, in Japan, anime is just cartoons. Over here in the wooooonderful USA, cartoons are hailed as godlike creations so it's no surprise that a country will like what a country makes.

I also like making people feel a bit uncomfortable by talking about taboo (you probably know what they are) topics, even to other avid anime watchers. It's funny.

wishingW3L1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

All you know about Japan is what you see in anime and movies and that's exactly how they see us too because of American films. They think Americans are all manly whites and blondes with huge boobs, they don't understand that the USA is made out of a bunch of different cultures and races. The difference here is that America is actually freer, we may have 25-35 years old and still find time to play games and stuff but in Japan this is seen as something very negative.

Women there HATE men that watch anime and they call them NEET, otakus (which is a derogatory term) and all other kinds of stuff and is even worse for the "creepy idol otakus". Adults in general don't watch anime, is mostly a kid's hobby just like gaming. After they graduate from school mostly all of them have only 2 options:

1. they go to Univ and then become a salary man or
2. they go and become a salary man at minimum wage

Most of them have no time for anime nor games like most weaboos believe, it's all work and more work. Why do you think the suicide rates in Japan are one of the highest in all the world? It's because their life is very systematic and kind of oppressed due to old traditions.

I know all of these not from personal experience but because I have made a couple of internet friends from Japan through Justin.TV/Twitch.TV and they are always talking about the distorted vision foreigners have of Japan because of Anime and Manga.

And 1 thing is for sure, when it comes to close-minded people NO ONE beats Japanese people. They are as close-minded as it gets and racist too. They treasure their culture like no other country. You read some of the stuff they post in 2CH and your mind will be blown.

rezzah1876d ago

Thanks for posting this. I think people fail to realise that there is a difference in the culture of Japan and the culture of anime. By anime, I mean the portrayal of certain things; all of it isn't an exact representation of the way Japanese people live.

I look to anime as a means for expressing their desires. Also there is a good reason as to why the majority of shows contain characters who are children/teenagers; these ages represent their best years in life. This relates back to what you said about their choices after high school.

ExCest1876d ago

Oooh, I agree wholeheartedly. But people in general are like so since your environment determines your ingroup and outgroup so it's an inevitable fact that people will be put off by something different.