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Hail Zeon Rants: 5 Complaints about DBZ Battle of Gods

OMG, a new DBZ movie is coming out and Zetsubou J is totally stoke about it!!

But… that doesn't mean he’s completely happy about it.

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Hergula1850d ago

Nice, I enjoyed listening to this.

krazykombatant1850d ago

These gripes seems minimalisti.

Deadpool6161850d ago

I agree that he's just nitpicking. The events of the movie takes place between the 10 year gap after defeating Kid Buu, but there's no specific given time of when it happens. The Super Saiyan God is a new form that requires a specific prerequisite for it can even happen. There's not really much to complain about, just minor details.

hadouken1821849d ago

Eh. Minor reasonable complaints. Nothing too major

aDDicteD1843d ago

Nice video, at first i thought it's going to be a major complaints and may contain spoilers, good thing it doesn't have both ^_^.
despite of those complaints mentioned, i think I'm still going to enjoy this new DBZ movie.