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Submitted by F-Inglese-94 1039d ago | news

New Form of Mewtwo Revealed For Pokemon X and Y

A lot of you probably saw this one coming considering last week we saw leaked scans of a Pokemon magazine somewhat showing this off for the movie “Extremespeed Genesect – Mewtwo’s Reawakening” but that doesn’t make it less exciting! (Gaming, Pokemon X, Pokemon Y)

futurefrog  +   1039d ago
Newtwo looks pretty weird honestly, not sure about him
F-Inglese-94  +   1039d ago
he's, I don't know, baby-ish?
Subby  +   1039d ago
Hergula  +   1038d ago
I dont know what that means but I like it!
Lavalamp  +   1038d ago
I think he's trying to say that the design is reminiscent of Super Buu from Dragon Ball Z.
H2OAcidic  +   1039d ago
*facepalm to OP* this isn't a "new form" of Mewtwo. This is from the press release sent out...

"This new Pokémon shares many traits with Mewtwo and it’s suspected that the newly discovered Pokémon has a connection with Mewtwo—a powerful Pokémon that debuted in Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue."

So clearly it isn't Mewtwo at all. Why do people keep posting that this is a new form when it isn't?
wishingW3L  +   1038d ago
looks like a freaking demon from the SMT series. Isn't this a little bit too much for kids?
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majiebeast  +   1038d ago
Frieza invaded Pokemon.
Deku-Johnny  +   1038d ago
Anyone who says this is a new forme need to do more research.
Sevir  +   1038d ago
it could actually be Mew's evolved form.
I don't know of many man made pokemon besides porigon who had an evolved form. this pokemon shares a striking resemblance to Mewtwo, but I'm more inclined to think this has to do with With mew instead. Mewtwo was even more powerful than mew.
Saviior95  +   1038d ago
(Depressed Voice) Wow ... Just Wow.

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