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What Makes Japanese Cartoons “Anime”?

What is anime? All animation from Japan? All animation of a certain style? Then what about Japanese animation outside of that style? What about the international productions? An old debate, that is surprisingly common in more ad-hoc anime viewer groups; youtube comments, gamer forum threads, and personal discussions, and rarer in the blogosphare, on anime-themed sites, and in other groups self-identifying as the “academic” opinion leaders of otaku culture.

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Saviior951875d ago

They probably think why do we call them cartoons if you think about it :)

Romudeth1874d ago

To me, Anime means an animated show/movie/ova ect that is produced by a Japanese studio.

admiralvic1874d ago

I've always thought anime was just Katakana (anime is written in Katakana after all) shorthand for Animation. Similar to how Su-Pa- is super, which is what they call Supermarkets (yes, just Su-Pa- = Supermarket). So instead of having a great debate / looking for a lot of answers, anime is just any form of animation... period. Over time it will probably be known as JP animations, but it really doesn't matter.

Romudeth1874d ago

You're 100% correct. In Japan, "Anime" means animation in general. "Anime" outside of Japan means different things.

Like I said in my original post, to me as a Westerner, "Anime" is animation that is produced by a Japanese studio. Some people want to talk about what makes something anime in terms of the presentation (animation, writing, story ect) but to keep things simple for myself, I just consider it animation produced in Japan.

kingPoS1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

I become a little confused when I first saw The Big O. When it showed up on Toonami I instantly thought of Batman the animated series. The art style & main characters of each show matched up so well, you'd think they were alternate versions of each other.

ExCest1873d ago

Isn't anime just the word for cartoon over there?

Don't they just call all cartoons anime and our anime "American anime"?

Just googled it. It just means animation so our cartoons would be American anime while their's would just be anime and describe all cartoons from Japan.

wishingW3L1873d ago

anime is just a term that became popular in Japan as a shorter word for Disney animation. Then with time it became a term to describe Japanese cartoons instead.