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Top 10 Gateway Anime Series

Aaron compiled a list of the top ten gateway series for those who are new to the wonderful world of anime!

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GillHarrison1842d ago

This article nailed it, 80% of these were the first anime titles I have seen and would easily recommend to non-fans. Toonami should pick up Black Lagoon and Gurren Lagaan now that their run on Starz/SyFy is over.

gunnerforlife1842d ago

great list! especially gurren lagaan!
if you want to get into anime, the one anime you need to start on is DBZ, because its just pure joy! and then step it up! to anime like Death Note

Simon_Brezhnev1842d ago

The list is ok. Some of them are for non-fans. Deathnote is probably number 1 for non fans because if its style. Then again it depends on what type of genres the non-fans like.

Whitefox7891842d ago

I would've had Buso Renkin somewhere on the list

aDDicteD1841d ago

nice list! I had watch 6 out of 10 on that list. I haven't watch Gurren lagann, might watch it if i have a chance.

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