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Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works Review | Capsule Computers

Sergei Lazarev writes:

"Many of you have probably heard of Fate/stay night and its other bizarrely-named iterations by revered creator Type-Moon. Whether it’s through the iconic character art that’s spread across the anime fan scene, or the endless debates on forums by raging extremists, Fate/stay night is one those topics which you either enjoy and invest in, or take at face value and move on.

Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works is a movie adaptation of one of the three possible routes of the original visual novel. While the TV anime series got a bit creative and mixed all three paths into one flawed narrative, Unlimited Blade Works focuses solely on the second route. This culminates in a tighter viewing experience, but one that still struggles to define its narrative and background universe."

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masterabbott1834d ago

very detailed review and it seems like the reviewer knows his stuff about the Fate series. I'm a fan of the series as well so im still going to give it a shot.

Subby1834d ago

I really hope for any future potential Heaven's Feel adaptation, they remake the series in that route rather than do a movie like this.

F-Inglese-941833d ago

Would deff watch this if I had followed the actual series.