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Knowing Animation Studios

AllFiction: ''Every four months, anime fans ask the very common question to themselves “What should I watch this season?” And it is a question that may even stump those unfamiliar with manga adaptations and online buzz and whatnot.

One good deciding factor that I use when picking shows to check out is to look at the animation studio behind the series. This is almost the same exact thing when buying a video game because you are fond of the video game company behind it and their previous creations. While this should not be used as an absolute deciding factor as there are other things to consider such as genre and premise, knowing studios is a good way to familiarize yourself with the anime industry and what to expect (to a certain degree) from anime before they even come out. I’m just going to talk about whatever comes to mind so don’t think I’ve forgotten great studios such as Production I.G and Kyoto Animation if I left them out here.''

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Hergula1860d ago

This article tells the truth, fully agreed. Many anime fans have little knowledge of the directors, writers, composers and the studio. If more would just look into the creators of a show, they could easily see if it is worth the watch or not.