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My Way or the Anime – What Makes Good Sci-Fi Good

Random Curiosity: ''This is the season of sci-fi, so it only seems appropriate that I come roaring back to the editorial scene with a dissertation on the subject. Today, let’s plumb into the very heart of the matter: what makes a story sci-fi, and what makes a story really good sci-fi. Naturally, I’ll be pulling examples from this season’s bountiful supply, though that won’t be the only place.

Everyone thinks they know what sci-fi is – it’s spaceships, aliens, intergalactic wars, exploring the galaxy, and technology we can only dream of, that sort of thing. Yet I’ve always thought that was limiting. Must spaceship always = sci-fi, like dragons apparently always = fantasy? Of course not, and I think anyone asked that question would answer the same way. Yet in practice, that always seems to be the case. So, why?''

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