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Winter 2013 Anime Mini Reviews – A Season Full of Meh

Anime Viking writes:

"The season itself turned out rather bad. Well, to be perfectly honest, it is to be expected when one watches over 20 series! There were a few good ones, but ironically they were the ones I did not have much expectations of in the first place!"

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Simon_Brezhnev1884d ago

Yeah winter anime was full of meh. I dropped Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo after like 10 episodes. I did love Mondaiji-tachi it's been a while since we had bad ass main character that's smart and strong.

I refused to watch any 5 minute anime though.

Marow1883d ago

Why do you refuse to watch short anime?

Simon_Brezhnev1883d ago

They too short and the ones i tried didnt like.

Marow1883d ago

Perhaps... you watched the bad ones? Yama no Susume is great, so is Teekyuu and Plastic Nee-san. And Senyuu, of course. Inferno Cop too.

koga881883d ago

Puchimas was a great 5 minute anime though, but I suppose you have to like the idolmaster series first. What do you think about the 12/15 minute episode animes like Kill Me Baby and Muromi-san?

Simon_Brezhnev1883d ago

Kill me Baby put me to sleep literally. I didnt try Muromi-san.

yaz2881883d ago

I was really waiting for Robotics;Notes to finish airing before I start watching it. it was entertaining show, Not bad but not so great.

anyway when I was watching I was really anticipating this twist or turning point that would flip the show 360 of awesomeness, like stains gate .. and that moment came (I think its ep 16 .. that fucking ep crept the shit out me! , I founded myself screming from the inside ,, NO!no! basically two thing happened which I don't want to spoil.. after that point however the anime return to what it is and that was kind of disappointing. )

Psycho-Pass was nice. it had its moments.

koga881883d ago

Great to see that someone else adored GJ-Bu as much as I did. That series was easily the biggest highlight of the Winter season. Really have to disagree with their opinion of Maoyuu though, loved that series as much as Spice and Wolf.