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Russian Parents Call For Putin To Ban Death Note

The Escapist: ''The Parents Organization of the Ural federal District of Russia has called upon President Vladmir Putin to tackle one of the most pressing issues facing Russian society; a manga which ended in 2006. According to the local media, a letter from the organization calls for the President to halt sales of the Death Note manga, anime TV series and the two live-action movies.''

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Saviior951881d ago

Hmmmm, maybe they are overreacting, just don't let your kids watch it, just an excuse to put the blame away from home.

Hergula1880d ago

I agree and know how you feel, I´m Estonian, I know Russians, and trust me, this is nothing new. I´ve heard them ban several TV Shows that they thought were inappropriate, yet which actually were not. Yet I think every country has things that they do not like or do not agree with. Living in Sweden, here they have even wanted to ban several anime because of minor fan service. I guess that it is... what it is.