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JRPG Censorship Is Such A Silly Thing

Kotaku: ''For as long as there have been Japanese role-playing games, there has been censorship.

Since the NES days, Nintendo and other big Japanese companies have been quick to stamp their big black bars on anything that might be considered offensive to American sensibilities: alcohol, religion, sex, octopus statues, whatever. And JRPGs have been the biggest victim of this misguided crusade.''

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Hergula1816d ago

Censorship in general is a silly thing.

Abriael1815d ago

Note: this writer is the same dude that shook his angry fist at Dragon's Crown show of boobage.

looks like someone lacks coherency.

Hergula1814d ago

Thanks for letting me know.

uuaschbaer1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

^^^ Beat me to it. (edit: yes, I now realize that ^^^ is useless with nested comments.)

Now what is this I hear of gay relationships turned platonic, because that of course will not do.