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When it comes to the Australian Anime Industry, Madman Entertainment is undoubtedly the top-dog down under. With a multitude of events coming up, such as the recently announced REEL Anime 2013 festival, the Madman Cosplay Championship and of course the Evangelion Exhibition, we took the chance to speak with Production Manager at Madman Entertainment, Sylvester ‘Sly’ Ip about the upcoming events, Madman itself and the anime industry as a whole.

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masterabbott1357d ago

interesting interview thanks for sharing.

F-Inglese-941357d ago

I love getting some insight into the industry. Well done!

futurefrog1357d ago

wonder what the surprises he mentions are?

LinkageAX1357d ago

Is it just me or does Sly come across as a bit of a douche?