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Claymore: Anime Review | QuantumGamer

I just recently finished watching Claymore and I was addicted, I couldn’t stop watching and every episode left me wondering what would happen in the next. Claymore is one of the best anime's I have ever watched. - Alec

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yaz2881805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

I skipped the show after watching some eps ( I only watched 3 ep) I didn't like that they couldn't keep the good quality of the animation in some of the action scenes, also I didn't like how it was fast paced. and so I returned to the manga which is a lot better.

In some way I though it was so genric and the story was unfolding in way that was so simple and easy to understand, I was little annoyed. However it was addicting series.. I finished 5 vol quickly and the story kept getting deeper in each vol. I am planning to buy the rest of the volumes since I found them cheaper compared to other manga.

claymore remind of the witcher.. but with a female version.

blitzburns41805d ago

Enjoyed the review. Claymore is one of my personal favorites. (Though it does have one of the most annoying character of all time.)

TheBaseFight1805d ago

I am glad you enjoyed it! And who's the most annoying character?