Needless Manga to end next chapter

It has been revealed that the manga called Needless will be ending in one more chapter.

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koga881229d ago

Mmm, this sucks a bit. I know it was going to be ending because well... lets just say Blade finally is living up to his whole "priest" orientation in some way. Sad to see though that it looks like a few of the possibly killed characters will remain dead though unless they somehow reappear in the finale.

Mister4281229d ago

What?! It's ending already???? Needless is so good!!

ExCest1229d ago

Is this manga any better than the show? I thought the show was kinda bad since it spent one third of its time in the same exact place, fighting the same exact people.

koga881229d ago

It is much better than the show. In fact the events of the anime only go up to about chapter 40 but even at that point it deviates. After that they are now up to chapter 112 and will end on 113. So it goes about three times longer than the anime and is much better than the anime itself. So if you did like it at all, it'd be worth checking out.

MEsoJD1229d ago

I thought the show was awful. Might check out the manga.

ExCest1228d ago

I watched it because I thought the animation looked cool. It was a prime example that animation by itself =/= good show.

Somebody1228d ago


I thought I was the only one felt that. Fight scenes between three overpowered characters that presumably happened for a whole afternoon in the same building that lasted for a whole one and half season.

ExCest1228d ago

You sir, are not alone. And I feel your pain.