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Top 5 Greatest Anime Detectives

Anime Vice: ''Get out your thinkin' caps, 'cause this week we're counting down the five best detectives in all of anime!'' (Culture)

Hergula  +   678d ago
A nice list, very enjoyable to read.
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coolbeans  +   678d ago
I must admit: I've never heard of Sherlock Hound before.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   678d ago
Same i never did either. Even though Lupin is one of my favorite animes of all time. Zenigata i wouldnt exactly call him a detective. To be honest he can catch Lupin if he wants. He's just like Lupin just do it for the fun. lol
Lavalamp  +   678d ago
I'd swap out Yusuke with Shinjuurou Yuuki (Un-Go), since he fits the bill of an accomplished detective moreso than the former.
Chapter11  +   678d ago
Fun fact: Solid Snake voiced Lupin in Cagliostro.

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