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Final Fantasy Versus XIII vanishes from Amazon

GearNuke: Reports have indicated that online megastore Amazon have delisted Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

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SynGamer1655d ago

There are so many rumors surrounding this game...the latest being that it's being rebranded as FF15 for the PS4. We'll see.

iamlegend99991654d ago

Looks like they might have renamed it

wishingW3L1654d ago

This game was cancelled a long time ago and to avoid a backslash they just don't say anything.

Xof1654d ago

They de-listed the game because it's been listed for too long already.

Amazon does this routinely with all kinds of items. This isn't a special case.

aDDicteD1653d ago

Perhaps a new title as well as new platform, I'm guessing It will be final fantasy 15 and will be on ps4.