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The Attack On Titan Military Jacket’s Re-Release

Attack on Titan has gotten extremely popular with it’s new anime series release, that’s not to say that the manga wasn’t popular it’s approaching 20 million copies sold, it’s just that the anime has expanded it and opened the series up to more people. With this spike in popularity the “character goods maker” Cospa has decided to bring back their replica military jackets from Attack on Titan.

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Subby1781d ago

The colour is a bit flat for my liking but I'd totally get the short-length version.

ZacE1781d ago

I personally think the white in the logo clashes with the jacket. Maybe it's just too big, I don't know. Certainly isn't necessary on the front pocket. Still, fans will buy it fast!

masterabbott1781d ago

I'm gonna try and get me a jacket as i want to cos play this one day! LOVE ATTACK ON TITIES! .. i mean TITAN!

futurefrog1781d ago

we are not prey we are the hunter

shadowraiden1781d ago

i think my problem with this is the fact it doesnt look like a jacket. seems to be more of a shirt then a jacket compared to the anime version.

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