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Overseas Sales Help Make "Naruto" TV Tokyo's Top Earner for 2013

Crunchyroll writes: "TV Tokyo Holdings has announced its financial numbers for the fiscal year ending March 31st. Anime business revenue was at 7 billion yen, up from 6.3 billion in the previous period, while profits were up to 1.3 billion yen, up from 820 million. Overseea sales helped drive the business, which was described as constituting less than 10% of total business, but notably profitable. This year, again aided by overseas sales, Naruto was the company's star earner.

The top anime were.."

1. Naruto
2. Pokemon
3. Bleach
4. Yu-Gi-Oh!
5. Tamagotchi

Gross Profit
1. Naruto
2. Pokemon
3. Beyblade
4. Bleach
5. Yu-Gi-Oh!

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Simon_Brezhnev1814d ago

Funny how Bleach is on that list when its been over a year now.

SynGamer1814d ago

Considering how popular the show/manga was, and all of that merchandise. I mean, heck, the manga is just ridiculously long, they can easily milk this franchise for a few more years.

Simon_Brezhnev1813d ago

True i just want the anime to come back. I guess they didnt want to do fillers. Yet Naruto gets stupid spin off animes.