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Is Anime Getting Worse?

Fantastic Memes: ''It’s a pretty common sight on Internet forums and blogs. You might even know someone in person who thinks like this or you might be one of these people yourself: the jaded anime viewer who believes that anime in general is getting worse. The quality of the storytelling isn’t as consistent as it used to be, it’s getting too commercialised, too fanservice-y, too much moe, not enough substance, etc.

Are these people right? Is anime really getting worse?''

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djfullshred1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Trends are cyclical, because eventually people get tired of too many shows trying to copy each other on what they see as the current trend.

Having said that, things sure have changed a lot since I first started watching. I was drawn to anime many years ago by shows that were pretty edgy, violent, and very odd in many cases. I eventually got into the comedy/slice of life stuff. But after watching that for several years, it starts to feel like the same dimwitted shows over & over again that pander to lonely boys that choose what shows to watch baseed on what sexy figurines will be marketed from them. Sorry if I am putting down any readers on that comment, but it is just so lame to see that these days from my Western eyes. I am not a prude or anything - if a show is good, I can enjoy the fan service stuff too...but more & more shows seem to forget about actually having good stories with interesting (and not rehashed) characters, and mostly focusing on the service.