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Quantum Gamer Elfen Lied Review: The Saddest Story with the Happiest Ending

Elfen Lied has a great story, its compelling, and hard to stop watching. You feel as though you know each and every character in the series so well. Its weird how an anime can make you feel so attached to nonexistent people but, it truly is amazing that it works that way. Elfen Lied is still a bloody, violent, and messed up anime but, at the same time its emotional and definitely an anime I will never forget. Its a very special anime in my opinion and I feel as though it’ll forever be a special anime for me.

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nadav1772d ago

Why bother reviewing this now? The Blu-ray version is not out yet. Not only are you reviewing a low definition version, you're also not reviewing the extra OVA that will only be available with the BD.

deep_fried_bum_cake1772d ago

What the hell are you on about?

This guys review makes no mention of the fact that there will even be a blu-ray, which suggest he doesn't know are doesn't care and why do people have to wait for special versions of something to come out to review things?

This guy is just reviewing a show that he's watched.

TheBaseFight1772d ago

Thank you. I wrote the review on my website QuantumGamer. I am fully aware of the upcoming Blu-Ray version but, I really don't care. I loved the series and the review was all about the show and how I loved the show. Thanks for your comments :)

nadav1770d ago

deep_fried_bum_cake: Yes, he/she doesn't mention how he/she watched the series. What if I were to watch your personal favorite series on YouTube in 320p quality and then write about how terrible it looks? People might think I'm referring to the BD disc and not buy the series because of my review. It is always important to clearly state what you used when you watched the series - streaming, DVD or BD. And if there is a better way to watch it you should note that also.

TheBaseFight: Thank you for responding. I feel what you wrote was your personal opinion about Elfen Lied, and not a review of it. Writing about a series without addressing the visuals, audio, subtitles and dub quality (if available) isn't a review.