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It’s Official: Lightning Got a Boob Job for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

According to director Motomu Toriyama, one of the themes in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be Hope’s growth as seen from Lightning’s motherly point of view. Looks like Hope isn’t the only one that has grown, though, and Lightning’s body seems to have received quite the upgrade during her self-imposed crystal stasis as confirmed by the developers.

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GenericNameHere1831d ago

Toriyama has had a major boner for Lightning a long time ago and still do. This is nothing new, nor should we care.

On a side note, Tifa is still hotter, and everyone is now focused on FFXV. Good riddance, pervy Toriyama.

KrimsonKody1831d ago

The girl decided to upgrade.
She has 3 games, she can afford it.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1831d ago

Nice. Fang is still hotter tho

Hozi1831d ago

Hey Square Enix! I need a favor from you. Please bring all Future FF titles to PC as well since your making it multiplat....and kingdom hearts too.There is a serious lack of JRPGs on PC.

and you can port the FF XIII series to PC as well...just like you did the Last Remnant.

Thank You.

hazelamy1831d ago

did they say there are 80 outfits?