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Supanova Sydney 2013 COSPLAY Photos

Supanova Sydney 2013 has now concluded and with all the dust settled, what better way to look back on this amazing event then to take a gander at some of the phenomenal cosplayers that attended? The quality of cosplay on show was simply out of this world, the details put into the costumes and the passion shown was a real treat to witness.

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masterabbott1762d ago

pretty average shots not the best looking cosplayers, au cos players need to lift their game up a little.

Subby1762d ago

Looks like everyone had a lot of fun. AU lacks the professionalism of hardcore cosplay, that's true.

Then again the fanbase/population is a lot smaller so it's only natural. Can't deny the heart, though.

MonChiChi1761d ago

Having fun is the biggest part of it all. Not everyone is artistic, I give kudos for trying.

F-Inglese-941761d ago

Really cool stuff! Was a great weekend!

coaidant1756d ago

Looks pretty sick if you ask me