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The Only Anime Worth Watching in Spring 2013 Was Flower of Evil

Mr. Flawfinder: Okay, I’m referring to anime series by that title, as the shorts and movie front was pretty decent. But just leaving it as “anime” makes it sound cooler, so fuck it. Let’s get on with this.

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Megaton1755d ago

I actually have the exact same feelings about Attack on Titan. I loved it at first. Absolutely loved it. Then as Trost dragged on and on and the intro recaps and pointless dialogue got longer and longer, I started feeling filler fatigue. Something I've never experienced in so few episodes. The big payoff in episode 13 did nothing for me because they took too long to get there. Now there's just a lousy recap episode coming next weekend. I look down on recaps in general, but especially when there's one in a series that only lasts 20-something episodes.

koga881755d ago

I pretty much can't even come up with a response to that statement besides literally laughing out loud, shaking my head and walking away.