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[The Nerd Cabinet] IRIA: Complete Series - Review

"First of all I should mention that this is the first anime I have ever sat through the whole of, if it is in episodic form, and thus is the first anime I have ever reviewed. I did like the anime, and the story was pretty enticing. The most interesting part, for me, was Zeiram. Zeiram is a pretty unique character and I really like the way he looks, and how ‘invincible’ he is.

The complete Series is a release of Iria: Zeiram the animation, which was actually released back in 1994. You can seriously tell that Iria was made back then, as the artwork looks old and the animation is pretty slow at times. Iria: Zeiram the animation is the total length of six episodes that act as a prequel to the film Zeiram, which was released three years before. Now that you’ve all had a very brief history lesson, let’s get on with the review!"

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