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New anime ‘Gundam Build Fighters’ announced, begins airing on Japanese TV October 2013


The next big Gundam anime series will not actually be about giant robots fighting in space. Instead, the new series will feature mobile suits that may physically be small in stature, but are nevertheless a a huge deal to fans; we’re talking the world of 1/144 scale Gundam plastic models, also known simply as “Gunpla”.

Entitled Gundam Build Fighters, the new series was announced this morning at a press conference held in Odaba’s Gundam Front Tokyo entertainment complex. The new show will begin airing on Japanese broadcaster TV Tokyo, as well as all of its affiliates all over Japan, this October.

Set in a near future where Gunpla models can be pit against one another in Gunpla Battles, Gundam Build Fighters tells the story of Sei Iori, a first-year middle school/junior high student, and the only child to the family who runs Iori Hobby Figure Shop, a mom-and-pop shop that deals in 1/144 scale Gunpla figures.

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