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Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Collector’s Editions Put Breasts on Mouse Pad, Sexy Swimsuits on Fighters

Gone are the days in which Team Ninja mentioned the will to get past the sexualization of Dead or Alive‘s heroines. The saucy development team initially tried to stick to that decision, but the fans rioted and Team Ninja decided to give them exactly what they wanted…and then some.

Tecmo Koei published a few pictures and detailed the "rich" collectors editions the game will receive in Japan, and there are a few interesting goodies included.

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Hergula1750d ago

*Looks to the left and looks to the right, hopes no feminist sees this... then starts typing...*

Wicked Awesome.

rataranian1748d ago

Japan will get: All that.

US will get: ...a plastic coffee mug that says "DOA 5" on it.

TK "....wonder why no one in the us bought it? Was it the color?"