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A Town Where You Live – Full-Length Trailer Released

A full-length trailer was recently released for the upcoming anime television series “A Town Where You Live” (Kimi no Iru Machi), based on the ongoing manga series written by Kouji Seo. The Kodansha published manga has successfully printed 23 volumes during the past five years, and in 2012 an OVA was released. The original video animation was directed by Hiroshi Kobayashi, and produced by Tatsunoko Production studio. With only two episodes, the OVA left fans of the manga wanting more, and luckily their wish came true as the 12 episode anime was announced awhile ago.

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koga881748d ago

A title of, "A Town Where Nothing Happens" would probably be the best name for it at this point. It's worse than a shonen series at this point.

Flavor1747d ago

Watching this video is like watching a parody of bad anime. But they are serious.