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Lightning Returns: FFXIII Director Thinks The New Lightning Will Finally Win the Hearts of the Fans

If there's one character that has proven really polarizing between Final Fantasy fans that's Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, some love her, some absolutely despise her. Now she's going to make a comeback in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and Game Director Motomu Toriyama thinks she'll finally manage to win the hearts of every fan,

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Kte1802d ago

Putting a cloud suit on Lightning will not change my opinion on her. When it comes to the whole FF13 era, my favorite order goes like this> Hope>Snow>Sazh. I'm more upset that Snow was not only playable in the second one, but is now an enemy in the 3rd one...I hate the storyline but must finish it for the sake of FF...Just not liking where it's headed. Gameplay looks cool, but story needs to go back to school cause I was lost after the second one.