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2005: A Year Where Anime DID Suck

Looking back, it’s some sort of miracle that I was still an anime fan after weathering 2005′s output. I wasn’t totally up on the fansub scene at the time. I was still catching up with things from the previous couple of years as fans snagged fansubs and as things got released on DVD. So 2005 itself wasn’t that bad. And by the time 2006 rolled around I was watching more stuff as it aired (or close enough), so there was always something around to keep me from wandering off completely. But yeah, 2005 was pretty damn dreary, anime-wise. (Landon, Mecha-Guignol)

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Shadonic1800d ago

Eureka Seven was awesome. AO sucked

DEATHxTHExKIDx1799d ago

I liked Eureka 7 from start to finish.