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Will You Still Watch and Enjoy Anime as You Grow Older?

As the title says, do you think you'll still watch anime as you grow older? Why, or why not?

Anime Viking has given his thoughts on the matter.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1732d ago

fersure its part of my life now. looking forward to episodes and manga chapters week after week. Keeps me GOING.

MonChiChi1731d ago

I am a lot older than when I started, and to be honest I find myself more involved with anime than I was before.

Live action shows just don't do it for me anymore, but that's not to say there are not some good live action shows out there.

With anime there are so much variation it's almost impossible to not find something you would like to watch.

ExCest1731d ago

Why not? I'd like to see how anime changes in the next decades.

Marow1731d ago

I really wonder how it will change. Perhaps shorter anime will be common? Like Teekyuu and the likes, only a couple of minutes.

MangaTherapy1731d ago

I think with the popularity of 4-koma manga in Japan, we will see more anime based off of those series.

deep_fried_bum_cake1731d ago

Yes. My anime interests may change over time but I don't see myself abandoning watching anime. I get excited seeing what new anime there are.

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