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Top 10 Mecha in Anime

Reki lists his Top 10 mecha in anime as a tribute to the mecha genre

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Hergula1728d ago

It was an entertaining list and a fun read, but I feel like it is incredibly difficult to make an actual TOP 10 mecha in anime list, considering all the options... and it depends on what you base your opinion on.

Either way, nice post.

Lord_Sloth1727d ago

No Lancelot Albion, Guren S.E.I.T.E.N., or the Gawain? I think at least 1 of 'em should've made the list.

Maybe the Elder God Demonbane due to it's retarded OP nature. XXXD

wishingW3L1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

not only the mechas are good but they all come from good shows too. Nice change from the usual idolization of garbage moe animes like K-On or the more perverted that we are always getting in here.

Zeta Gundam is the best mecha and best mecha show too though. ;)

Simon_Brezhnev1727d ago

The list is ok i dont agree with number 1. I feel like thats one of the most overrated mechas.

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