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Junkie Monkeys: Toonami Airs Sword Art Online - Review

Junkie Monkeys: Toonami finally premiered the first episode of Sword Art Online this past Saturday and gave us anime freaks the answer that’s been stuck in our minds since they announced it’s arrival: What the hell will the English dubbed version sound like and will it be as good as the original? Here’s the scoop on what some of you missed out on!

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Deadpool6161724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

"I decided to give the dub a chance and honestly wasn’t expecting this to be all that great, but it actually came out pretty well."

What is with the preconceived notion of English dubs being inferior to Japanese dubs? Is it a "it" thing to do now? We are way past 4Kids dubs. The dubs of today are translated pretty well and are faithful representations of the original meanings.

The only thing that bugs me is when the Japanese dub says something in direct English and the English dub changes it.

Tony-Red-Grave1724d ago

"What is with the preconceived notion of English dubs being inferior to Japanese dubs?"

Some animes simply don't convey the same sort emotions dubbed. Like in bleach, some of the actors sound outright flat at times. This isn't something you normally notice until you start comparing to subs though.

AiirJordann231724d ago

I just finished watching this series last night it was pretty good

DEATHxTHExKIDx1724d ago

I never finished it I got episode 8 and stopped. So ill guess ill just watch it on toonami now.

Lord_Sloth1724d ago

They did indeed, and I was on episode 5 by the time it rolled around. Finished the series yesterday. Great show!