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Have you Seen? ... Mirai Nikki

The amount of anime shows and franchises that are currently available for viewers to watch nowadays are of an extortionate amount and this figure is growing by the day as new series' get the green light for production to start. However, with this extensive library to choose from we often find ourselves unable to decide on what to watch and when we do decide on a series that has caught our attention, it turns out to be the worst show ever made. However, amongst this vast amount of sub-standard anime there a few gems, one of these being Mirai Nikki.

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ExCest1722d ago

This was a damn good show. Not perfect, but damn good.

Tatsuya 1721d ago

The ending got me hooked! I'm still waiting for a new season or longer OVA that shows them in the future.

ExCest1720d ago

Sadly, the manga ends the same way. Chances are, new episodes may never exist.

Tatsuya 1720d ago

Damn that's sad man. We can dream though!

ExCest1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

Apparently, a new OVA was just released that follows Yuno in an epilogue as she looks for what she's forgotten (You know what I mean) :P

EDIT: I should add the name: Mirai Nikki - Redial

Tatsuya 1719d ago

Yeah already saw that one before it was even released lol! Video was poor quality but I'm a little satisfied over that cliffhanger ending. The only thing that can make me fully satisfied over the show is to watch an OVA that shows their future together as gods.