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What Anime Sequels Are You Looking Forward To?

AnimeMage: ''There has been a few announcements recently for different series and it got me thinking what is everyone looking forward to? Which series don’t have an announcement that people are wishing for? I know I have my list, but what’s yours?''

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ExCest1720d ago

Kannagi, Zettai Karen, and Kore ha Zombie.

Those shows never ended and need to have sequels.

And Working!!. I feel like they can go farther with the show. Like, why not?

MouseUK1720d ago


I'd like to see a new season for:
Campione!, Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, High School of the Dead, Sword Art Online - Gun Gale Online, This is a Zombie? The Sacred Blacksmith... Probably a few more if I check my watched list...

Looking forward to the new Fate Stay thats been announced and Dog Days 3 when it eventually gets a date :S

ExCest1720d ago

Oh yea. I forgot that HSoD never ended. Then again, it left a sour taste in my mouth so I never want to see that show again unless they tone down the ecchi by at least 70%.

Sword Art too as long as the story just doesn't dissolve itself in the first half of the show into something that isn't what the populace first watched the show for.

On a popsicle note, the new ufotable Fate will be welcomed with open arms by me.

MouseUK1719d ago

ExCest, I understand what your saying about the Ecchii, though I didn't find most of the series too bad but the OVA was shameless! The amount of people who criticised the series for the Ecchii you never know if there is another season they may listen :D

I quite enjoyed the story Sword Art Online had, the way it didn't just go through with fight after fight and actually spent some time building characters which seems to be lost on some series, but then again I was a fan of the Novels before it became a series so maybe I'm slightly Bias... The change over from first half SAO to second half ALO did feel forced though.

Glad you agree with the Fate by UFOtable, lets hope they do a good job, not had anyone disagree with me on that one yet :D

ExCest1719d ago

Nobody can disagree with anything ufotable does.

The problem I had with Sword Art (besides the story transition) was that they introduced multiple characters without them having to do much in the story as a whole. They disappear after they're introduced and don't return until the end as side characters. They were good characters and I would've loved to see them form a party with Kirito to beat the main boss or at least help him in that battle, but sadly, they were nowhere to be found.

ben_jamin01719d ago

High school of the dead season 2!!!!!!!!

MouseUK1719d ago

*smiles* yeah, it be nice for some progression, but as ExCest said with a little less fan service ;)
What was your opinion on the fan service?

ben_jamin01713d ago

Nah it was great! more of it!! :P
even my girlfriend liked it!! haha