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The Worst Anime of 2012

With a best list comes a worst list, and 2012 sure had a lot of stinkers within that year that Flawfinder unfortunately subjected himself to. Today he lists his worst anime of 2012.

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Hergula1713d ago

An entertaining read, yet I have to disagree with most of them, as I feel like some of them were quite good... yet it depends on the taste I guess.

Flawfinder1713d ago

Like I said in the article, I only put the stuff that's worth paying attention to on my worst list (meaning they have some fans). Stuff like Shining Hearts and Who Is Imouto are not worth acknowledging in the least.

MouseUK1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

This kind of list is always very much opinionated, like Hergula said above, I have to disagree with most of them (at last the ones I watched anyway) but that's just personal taste I guess.

I think the one comment and reason that made me laugh the most in the post was the one under Dusk Maiden of Amnesia's (editing the swear word for stars)
"Silver Link is a **** studio, and you’ll never convince me otherwise."

I've seen good and bad anime's from most (not all) studio's you can't base the whole reason for not liking an anime on a studio.

I stopped taking the article seriously at that point :P

Flawfinder1713d ago

That wasn't my real reason for not liking Dusk Maiden of Amnesia. I just didn't give it the benefit of a proper reason because A) It's on my honorable mentions so I don't feel I had to B) I've never liked anything Silver Link put out C) it was meant to be funny, and since you laughed, it did its job well.

Hergula1713d ago

I fully understand how you feel.

wishingW3L1712d ago

most anime these days are pretty bad but anime fans have really bad taste. That's why we have so much garbage anime that are popular like Guilty Crown with calling it a turd wouldn't be enough.

Blackpool1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

I remember when there were was alot of action animes but now there's like 3 or 4. People have started accepting ecchi anime and now this is why everything is shit.

s45gr321712d ago

So you like action anime I get it right side your opinion. My opinion is today's anime is fifty fifty. Gargantia on verdurous planet was pretty good, attack on titan is another good anime. I am still waiting for fairy tail to return. Then there is stuff like blue exorcist which started good but did it have to go with the whole school theme which just threw me off.

s45gr321712d ago

Gargantia on verdurous planet is about the different societies and how societies politics, ideology, and culture affect human life. Attack on Titan once you get passed the titans eating humans. It shows the culture, society, and politics of the human race being on the brink of extinction. How despite being gone the way of the dinosaurs humans still fight among themselves, still scheme and betray themselves, etc. This one is very Loli and I guess fan service but it does show a college student taking the responsibility of three orphan girls. The struggles and tribulations they go to. Also how among their own family there is distrustful and need of approval. The title of the anime is : Listen to me girls I am your father. My point is that anime is not just all action or mindless comedy it does explore different themes story, and human life. Is far more mature than American cartoons. It all depends on the anime you see.

s45gr321712d ago

Sword art online is pretty good. Sadly it will only appeal to gamers, mmo fans, and such. I don't know about the other ones.