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Gakuen Polizi manga picked up by Seven Seas

The yuri manga Gakuen Polizi has been picked up for release by Seven Seas Entertainment.

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koga881749d ago

Seems like Seven Seas is the freest manga publisher in the West. They pick up yuri manga and even monster girl stuff like Monster Musume. Half of the manga I own are from them.

militissanctus1749d ago

Cast your net wide enough and you're bound to catch some keepers, aye?

koga881748d ago

Seems to be their policy when it comes to their licenses. I have a feeling they keep their ears to the ground the most when it comes to popular manga series so they usually snag some great stuff.

MouseUK1749d ago

I find all the Manga's I get are either Seven Seas or Yen Press (I.e Is this a Zombie?, Soul Eater).