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How To Produce Manga Panel - SMASH! 2013

Frank Inglese Writes:

Homegrown Manga artists Kelly Green and Ngoc Han Nguyen ran the “How To produce Manga” panel at SMASH! 2013 this year and what a great job they did at it! You know a day is going to be fantastic when it, more or less, begins with a panel on how to produce Manga and when it’s a panel as good as this one you know that what follows in the day will be just as good. Both Kelly and Ngoc have been immersed in the world of Anime and Manga for many years and have both studied and produced Manga in their time so they were the perfect duo to be up on stage giving us “young hopefuls” some interesting and helpful tips.

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masterabbott1747d ago

very interesting read, and some good tips as well.

nato251747d ago

Thats pretty cool, I dont see why I couldnt buy how to draw books though, seems like they would be pretty helpful