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Chrono Crusade DVD Review | Anime Reviews

Anime Revies: The time is the middle of the 1920s and America is the richest and most flourishing country worldwide. But the race to become stronger and wealthier has tempted some Americans to summon demons. In exchange for his/her soul the summoner can strike gold, charm one’s passion of lust or execute a brutal revenge against those whom they hold a grudge against. To stop the demons from spreading and tainting the cities a religious organization called the Magdalene order is dispatching sisters with anti-demonic articles to the crime scenes. One such sisters is Rosette Cristopher – a hot-blooded blond teenager with no manners or restrain to speak of. Rosette has become a demon hunter in order to track down her long-lost brother Joshua who was kidnapped by a demon when the two were very little. Rosette’s partner and coworker is a man named Chrono who is himself a demon. Chrono used to be the strongest of demons but circumstances have left him crippled with no means of sustaining t...

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