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An Update on the Western Release of Final Fantasy Type-0 Could be On the Horizon

Square has been consistently quiet and indecisive about releasing Type-0 in the west, but this could change soon if Square Enix’s CEO of the Americas and Europe Phil Rogers has his way.

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chaos_mechanica1715d ago


I need this in my life

DEATHxTHExKIDx1715d ago

If they put it on Vita I will buy a Vita.

Lord_Sloth1715d ago

Not gonna get my hopes up but this would be awesome!

MouseUK1715d ago

Not worth getting hopes up but good to know their voice has been heard and its at least being looked into as a possibility.

despair1715d ago

vita port with trophies and HD update. I'd wait up to a couple years for it again if they did that.