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More Details Emerge about the “Sequel” to the Spectacular Persona 4: Arena

We’ve just learned that Arc System Works and Atlus’ phenomenal fighter Persona 4: Arena is getting an update so significant that Famitsu is calling it an outright sequel. Location tests for this new version of the game are happening as we speak (since it already is August 16th in Japan) at Hey in Akihabara and at Osaka’s Taito Station.

Twitter is aflame with fans tweeting new details about the game, some of which I’ve compiled below

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pompombrum1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Awesome news.. as a European, it will be great to know I will still have a ps3 game to look forward to in 2015

xXMETAL_GEARXx1737d ago

Region locking seems to only do more harm than good