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Thoughts on RWBY and "American Anime"

Moar Powah's Inverseman sounds off on Monty Oum's new web series "RWBY" and if it can accomplishing being an "American Anime" as well as what that entails.

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MouseUK1770d ago

Its animated by the same people who did Red Vs Blue...
The 4 intro trailers (one for each character) are pretty epic with some amazing weapon ideas which would make an excellent game.

The animation is't brilliant and you can tell its made with a £300ish PC package (Pose Pro) but its not bad, the story is goring on me (5 eps in) but the episode size changes from 12 minutes to 4 minutes per week however overall its not too bad.

I like the character design and so far what I know of the world is interesting. The choice of music used in the background is excellent though the the only down side is the animation isn't great but its pretty good when you look at the size of the company and amount of people working on it.

Thunb's up, keep it up Roosterteeth. :)

r211770d ago

Same here, its growing on me too :D I'll know RT will make an epic story just as good as RvB.

MonChiChi1770d ago

Show should have been silent, as in silent characters. Last trailer I saw, Yellow maybe, The VA was so horrid. Then I watched ep 1 and was the same. I love the art style, music, and action scenes but the talking was a downer for me. I know its hard to say not to have a show with no dialogue but still.

That's my opinion, not trying to knock others that like it, just not for me. Though I still remember when I first saw Red trailer and was in love.

Nemesis45671770d ago

Well said. I felt the same way. I think that's why I loved dead fantasy so much, as the their were no voices. Yet you still had a general idea on what was going on. The voices are the only thing I can't stand about it. Other wise, the storyline seems decent and Montyoum's action sequences don't disappoint.

AHall881770d ago

Yeah, I only watched two episodes, but damn is the VA bad.

Aren't the four main characters voiced by people who have never done voice acting before, they either just happened to be working at RT or dating someone who writes the show? That was a good idea.

MouseUK1770d ago

The Voice Acting is quite bad, but it starts to improve as it progresses the guy who came up with the idea, works on the animating and the story is also voicing the guy in green (ep3) lol

So I think they are all from the company...