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Haganai live-action film: gravure idol Mio Otani will play Sena Kashiwazaki

When some images of the actors for the live-action adaptation of Boku Wa Tomodachi ga Sakunai (or more popularly known as Haganai) surfaced in the internet, fans of the series all around the world only caught a glimpse of the actors playing Yozora and Kodaka. People have been wondering just who would play the role everyone’s favorite MEAT (Sena Kashiwazaki) which, of course, requires an actress who possesses a very specific set of… features. I think fans of the series should know what that is.

Today it was unveiled to the Japanese media that the artiste who will be playing the rich, blonde, well-endowed gamer girl will be none other than actress and gravure model Mio Otani.

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