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It's Not Like I...

Moar Powah's Inverseman investigates and weighs in opinions on the commonly seen tsundere archetype in modern anime.

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deep_fried_bum_cake1697d ago

haha, I'd never thought of Helga from Hey Arnold as tsundere.

I can appreciate a good tsundere, though I think that as a character type it is a bit overused.

blitzburns41695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

Interesting point. I noticed a lot of shows recently feature at least one Tsundere-type character. I don't particularly mind that, but it upsets me that the studios/creators/directors don't follow up on anything. It's all just a series of unending sexual innuendo that eventually ends in either a cliffhanger or a confession that doesn't leave any sort of impact.

That's why I believe that this archtype best fits within ultra violent or shows that otherwise wouldn't care about progressing the relationship. Shows like Black Lagoon, Btoom!, and Future Diary. Unless you are willing to develop the (romantic) relationship there is no point to even introducing it.

In that aspect that's why I thought Phantom Requiem for the Phantom was such a success. Though I think a romantic relationship would have been much more interesting; the fact the creators realized they wouldn't be able to follow through on such a relationship and thus went a different route is what I believe to be the correct choice. It's terrible and unfortunate the -very- last scene of the entire series was executed the way it was. But I suppose that's that. I can't change the past, unfortunately.

It was a great and informal article. Thank you for posting. It made my day so please hurry and post more! Hell, even more articles analyzing this archtype in different anime would be fun!