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Evangelion: 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance Review [Capsule Computers]

Frank Inglese Writes:

Neon Genesis Evangelion would have to be, by far, the most widespread and influential Anime series and franchise to have ever been created. It has spanned over 18 incredible years and, although it showed signs of slowing down during the 90s, it has been a fan favourite for most of those years. Every Anime fan knows Neon Genesis Evangelion and – between the original series, the End of Evangelion movies, the Rebuild of Evangelion tetralogy and it’s countless marketing adventures – if you didn’t know about it “back in the day” I’ll guarantee you know about it now.

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masterabbott1698d ago

Evangelion is the best anime ever made!

Hergula1696d ago

Definitely one of the best.

F-Inglese-941698d ago

Can't disagree with that!

DeathScythe1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

I'm going to watch this on toonami tomorrow. :) EDIT: for those of you who haven't already heard but Evangelion 2:22 is going to air on August 31 on toonami at midnight/11c

wishingW3L1697d ago

and then comes 3.33 and everything goes down the drain.

Hergula1696d ago

Really? Have not seen it yet.