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Naruto and Dragon Ball Z Crossover in Battle of Z

Goku is going to be wearing Naruto's costume in the latest Dragon Ball Z game.

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tayz1744d ago

hell yes!! lol this alone makes me want to buy the game. lol me and my naruto obsession!

dbznathan1743d ago

awesome that looks so sick

blitzburns41743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

I'm sure it'd be an interesting fighting game, but in all reality (for cannon purposes.) Goku and Vegeta can blow up entire f*****g planets. Donno, might be b/c I dislike Naruto, but I can't see how any character in Naruto could ever stand up to DBZ's. (Both in terms of power and as characters.)

SpideySpeakz1743d ago

...umm, did you even read the article? It's a COSTUME crossover, not character crossover.

kydrice1743d ago

I can think of several people in Naruto that could defeat Goku and Vegeta only if they get the jump on them though. Knowing Goku and all Saiyans in general they'll drag out the fight or won't take their opponents seriously until they're in trouble. Characters in Naruto that could potentially defeat Goku would include Itachi if Goku gets caught in his genjutsu, it's over, Tsukuyomi + Amaterasu and Goku won't survive. Itachi won't win in a all out physical fight but he'll win if it's an assassination mission. Goku walks down a path, Itachi walks by and all it would take is to look into Itachi's Sharingan for a single second and Goku would be caught.

side note: I used to HATE Naruto as well but I gave it a chance and it's actually really good. The problem is people are quick to hate it because it's so reminiscent of DBZ so they never give it a chance.