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The Boondocks and The Legend of Korra: Anime or Just Anime-Inspired?

Project Otaku writer Nelson takes the debate revolving around two of animation's biggest shows to the people - that's YOU, the readers. What do you think? Do Adult Swim's The Boondocks and Nickelodeon's The Legend of Korra count as anime?

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Gekko1713d ago

Personally, I believe both shows should be allowed to be posted on AnimeShinbun, even if some may argue that their animation is only anime-influenced at best. There's no denying how popular those particular submissions tend to be on here.

animeguardians1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Let's also mention the fact that not everything on Shinbun is even related to animation; video game news gets posted all the time although N4G is the "official channel" for gaming on the NewsBoiler network. But anime fans are interested in a number of things that aren't anime related, and they all go under the radar without setting off any alarms on Anime Shinbun. If this has something to do with those games being "Japanese," now we're getting closer to the truth.

Archaic1713d ago

It does indeed. The AnimeShinbun focus is more on "Otaku news", rather than on anime specifically. Accepting news from Japanese games with an anime/manga aesthetic is part of that. It's also why we'd accept news about Japanese drama's, and Japanese music, amongst other things.

MrsBlunder1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Here's what really amused me, as I pointed out in responding to a comment on Project Otaku:

Out of all the articles removed, they chose the one about Korra. Not the Boondocks, nor the various submissions I did for my personal blog when I was reviewing Dante's Inferno -- which, like the Boondocks, had help from MADHOUSE. In fact, I'm not the only blogger who submitted a piece about that abomination to AnimeShinBun. See: and

Also, a brief search for The Legend of Korra turns up many results, including episode previews. Hm. Why would there be a tag for something that they don't want approved?

Archaic1713d ago

Because tags are user created, not staff created. Also, it actually helps in moderation, since practically anything with those tags on it is going to be something that needs to be auto-failed (with the obvious exception of articles like this). Sometimes, things get through which shouldn't get through, just through lack of familiarity with the source, and this helps sidestep that.

As for the article'll see when you search for anything related to Avatar on AnimeShinbun, the only recent articles approved for it are opinion articles like this one (which we like because it generates discussion). While there were a few articles approved in the past (less than 10 total, if I remember correctly from the last time this came up), they're quite old, before a consistent approach was settled on with regards to series like this.

Tony-Red-Grave1713d ago

Isn't the term anime miss-used to avoid using the word cartoon? I remember reading up that "anime" was used to bunch up all the western disney cartoons that had been were coming up, I forget which year, and were popular in japan.

I could be wrong but assuming i'm not then western anime is just -anime-. Or more to the point anime=cartoon and there's no point not grouping them together *with the exception of animation style which I believe is a different story all together*.

LinkageAX1713d ago

Anime inspired. I think that if we give the label of Anime to productions with different methods of direction, then whatever makes Anime unique will start to vanish until everything just sort of fits under one banner. Differentiation is good.

animeguardians1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

You're onto something here, thanks for the input. The way a series is directed starts to say something about its "style," even defines its style. That might be the best defense of any conception of "anime" and "anime-inspired." The way certain shots are cut, the timing between cuts, scene transitions, the framing of objects on-screen; such things are conventions that are reinforced over time within a culture, and those versed in visual literacy learn to spot and "read" anime as looking a particular way. Wide-eyed characters and moe aside, most anime directors handle their animation a particular way. It's a much clearer definition of what makes anime unique, in any case. But the world is getting smaller; the "differentiation" you speak of, good or bad, is getting smaller too, as countries continue to adapt from one another.

LinkageAX1711d ago

Then once other countries pick up on this direction and these styles, they too can be called anime satisfactorily.

imXify1713d ago

Well the spirit world in the season 2 was made by a jap studio so I believe things would be a little easier.

Last year I posted a Korra amv to an AMV contest in my city. Everybody liked it except one nerd shouting : " ermagerd it's not an anime ! why is this here !? ". Everybody else forgot to give a f*ck. :3

animeguardians1713d ago

Rofl. Glad to see there's a few haters who try and ruin a good time - and then get ignored by everyone else in the room. Justice was served.

Simon_Brezhnev1713d ago

I believe season 1 and 2 is made by a Korean studio.

Archaic1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Simon: Season 1 was made purely by a Korean studio. Season 2 is split between a Japanese studio (most episodes) and the original Korean studio (flashback episodes).

Not that I think that qualifies it as anime, mind you. I mean, The Smurfs was animated by the exact same studio who did Sailor Moon, and no one would claim that makes it anime.

256bit1713d ago

anime is pretty much japanese cartoons. anime is just to describe japanese animation. who cares if american inspired works dont get considered as anime, weaboo haters can piss off. my panda express aint really chinese food since its cooked by a bunch of mexicans in the back only to have put on my plate my some phillipine lady, but i still consider it chinese food.

Lord_Sloth1712d ago

I will always call Avatar TLA and LoK to be anime. Why? Because it just feels right.

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