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Best Visual Novels for New Players | Hardcore Gamer Japan

Since the genre has been around so long, it might be a bit overwhelming for someone wishing to give visual novels a shot. That’s why we decided to make a list of some of the best (and easily accessible) games! That means none of the games will require any “tricks” to play, such as downloading fan translations, running your computer in compatibility mode, or anything else. Even with these limitations there are still a great deal of good titles for new players to dig into. Let’s get started!

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Leupac1743d ago

Definitely an interesting list. I haven’t had the opportunity to try Sweet Fuse but it did sound interesting. I loved Corpse Party though, one of the few games that gave me chills. Would recommend it one to anyone who wants a good suspense-filled experience.

koga881743d ago

Considering the graphic nature of the two, I don't think Corpse Party nor Saya no Uta are good starts for beginners. Katawa Shoujo is a good pick though since the eroge can be turned off and is light in nature and introduces numerous tropes that are common in the industry. Don't see how Sweet Fuse could be the best introduction though since otome games are pretty limited in the West outside of Aksys' hakuoki titles, making it a niche of a niche.

Tony-Red-Grave1742d ago

Katawa Shoujo is also FREE. don't know if all VN are free but if you're new to VNs starting with some as good as Katawa and it being free can really tempt more people to read more VNs.

Subby1743d ago

My first visual novels were Little Busters! and Fate/stay Night. Highly recommended.