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Funimation to Release "OniAi" as a Sub Only

Anime distributor FUNImation Entertainment has written a blog post explaining their decision to release "OniAi" as a subtitled title only.

The company wrote on their website that "OniAi" is being released as a sub only title to see if its a viable option for those titles that might not get a DVD release otherwise.

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blitzburns41739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Disagree with the move. I want my shows always packaged with a Sub and Dub. That's the way I've always purchased Anime; even when Persona 4 released with only an English Dub I refused to buy it. The only exception I ever had for this rule was Afro Samurai due to the extremely high production value.

Ryasha1739d ago

It's either sub only or let it fall by the way side and never be released at all.

I'm disappointed in the news as well since it means I have to treat Funimation like Sentai Filmworks now but at least Funimation doesn't charge as much as they do for their sub only set and include blu-ray as well.

Not saying I agree with the 'test the waters move' nor that I will purchase this but if it does well and they do start releasing some sub only stuff, I'd be much more likely to break my 'no sub only releases' rule and buy from Funi (depending on the series) than I would any other because the price is more acceptable.

Also, Persona 4 still has both languages on the DVD. It's only the Blu-ray that has only English.

Simon_Brezhnev1738d ago

You know why they only put English dub in blu-rays now? Japanese people will reverse import since they get ripped off over there. Two episodes over there usually cost between 60-90USD. While here we can get the whole season for 20-40usd.

blitzburns41737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

Seems like the companies fault for trying to milk the fans to the point that potential customers are resorting to that. Even so, I smell bulls**t. If a customer is willing to screw over the publisher; why pay any money at all? You can find practically every popular anime online for free via torrents, downloads, or streams. For that reason, in my opinion that argument seems fishy- and I can voice my concern with my wallet; because I actually do buy anime boxed sets. And you know what? You can too. But then that's your choice. In the end it is we who will have to make the decision whether we will accept Funimation releasing these kinds of boxed sets or not. I choose not to.

Something to think about before purchasing,


Subby1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

I think the main issue here is no Blu-ray!
Ok so there is a Bluray disc, awesome.