Aniplex Streaming Kill La Kill, Valvrave, and Magi Season 2 In October

[We were] a huge fan of “Gurren Lagann,” and [we] can easily say it stands out as one of the most amazing, and important, original anime ever. Iwasaki Taku‘s work on the soundtrack still blows [us] away every time [we] listen to it, so [we were] glad to hear murmurs earlier this year about a new work from the two largely responsible for “Gurren Lagann.” [we were] initially saddened by the fact that Taku wasn’t doing the soundtrack on this project, but now that [we have] had a chance to listen to Hiroyuki Sawano‘s work on “Attack on Titan,” [we] feel the music side of “Kill la Kill” is in extremely capable hands. “Kill la Kill” looks like it’s gonna maintain that high-energy feel that was present throughout the entirety of “Gurren Lagann.” If you haven’t heard anything about the series, then watch this.

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